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22/09/06 - first really good batch of bread from the oven. White sourdough from poolish, 4.24 Kilo dough at 68% (bakerís) hydration. Mostly baked for 35 minutes with start insode oven surface temperature of 238 C. 

22/09/06 - one loaf that stayed in for 45 minutes. Maybe the best? 

22/09/06 - the same against the evening sky 

22/09/06 - plot, getting very close to ideal first load, just maybe spread fire etc 5-10 miuntes earlier> NB started with 60 C internal temperature from previosu days baking. 

a nice pic of the oven firing 

final proofing 


operators pit in front of oven - very important for a nice smoke free view into the oven. 

single rise white on top 

new postion for the Artofex 

single rise white at back 

single rise white at back 

single rise in the bottom chicken roaster in which it was baked, with top in which both baked and risen 

the Artofex again 

single rise white  
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