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tiles over the bakery door that show an oven a bit more like mine than the actual 

the baker, Pascual, thanks to him and his family for letting me inside their bakery 

a shot inside the oven, the loaves shown are approximately 70cm long small baguettes so you can tell the enormous size of this oven. Unlike for most wood fired bread ovens, due I think to the size the fire is still inside whilst actually baking, to the front right. The oven ceiling dome is quite high but obscured here by smoke. 

The length of the peels gives you further idea of the size of the oven. The baker’s pit in front of oven is gratifyiling similar to mine. 

Their younger bigger Spanish brother to my Swiss Artofex mixer 

dough trough on wheels - very little change in shape or size from a medieval dough trough! 


Their proofing cabinet (a ’Parisienne’?). Seems like a beautiful and very practical piece of gear.  

The proofing cabinet is on wheels so it can be wheeled from the make up area at back of bakery around to the mouth of the oven at front of shop 

a view of part of Chelva with the mountain ’Remedio’ behind it 

another view of Chelva from across river valley 

another view of Chelva from across river valley. You can see here the ’huertas’ (vegetable plots) on terraces below the town proper 

the unoccupied Moorish palace at the summit of Chelva town - what does it contain? 

my friends house and bakery postion oppsite them in Chelva (+church tower) 

end of Spanish drought April ’07 - normally a small stream